EMD Electronic Instruments Limited is a trusted manufacturer & supplier of Electro-Mechanical Devices to various Ordnance Factories, Central Ordnance Depots, Public Sector Undertakings, and Defence Manufacturers. Since 1979, we have carved ourselves a niche in the indigenization of these high precision products. Our motto is simple: remain passionate about developing new products and constantly improve the quality of our established items.


EMD’s core strength lies in the integration of knowledge across multiple engineering disciplines – a crucial factor in understanding, developing and testing any Electro-Mechanical Device. Our expertise stems from 40 years of hands-on experience and unwavering dedication to problem-solving.

In-house Capabilities:

Critical areas of product development & manufacturing such as Component Design, Tool Design, Coil Winding, Electrical Integration, Product Assembly, Functional Testing & Quality Assurance are fully provided for at our manufacturing and design facilities. The motivation, dedication and a shared passion for defence of our team make all this possible.


Our ecosystem of Raw Material Suppliers, NABL Certified Material Testing Laboratories, LCSO Certified Component Manufacturers & NABL Approved Environmental Testing Laboratories supports us in our commitment to delivering quality products.

Contact Us for:

    • Custom-built Electromagnets Electromechanical Devices & Assemblies
    • Customized Meters & Indicators
    • Design, Manufacturing & Testing Services
    • Strategic Business Partnerships
    • Joint Ventures
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